Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Vanity, 80's Pop Star & Prince Protege, Dies At 57

Vanity, lead singer of Pop group Vanity 6 and Prince protege, has passed away. According to TMZ, the 80's pop-star, who real name is Denise Matthews, died on Monday in a Fremont, CA hospital. Its also been reported she had been dealing with kidney failure and, more recently, an abdominal illness.

Vanity is best known for her 80's hit single "Nasty Girl," which was produced by Prince, and her role in Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon and Action Jackson

After a battle with drugs in the 90's, Vanity left Hollywood and her bad habits to become a born again Christian. Its reported, she remained active in church up until her death. Vanity was 57 years of age.

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