Monday, August 27, 2018

NIKE Converts Chicago Church Into A Pop-Up Basketball Center for Youth

Continuing to strive for greatness, NIKE converts an old church in Chicago into a basketball training facility for high school athletes across the city. The pop-up experience is called "Just Do It HQ at the Church" and it's located in the West Loop, at the space formerly known as the Church of Epiphany.

Sparkling with glossy floors, the month-long pop-up features interactive youth workshops, special appearances from pro-athletes and a number of other things to help the youth chase their dreams.

This past week, we visited the facility for a workout and we talked with one of the reps to see why they converted the Chicago church into a center for the youth and here's what they had to say:
"Basketball is everything in Chicago. Just Do It HQ at The Church is a destination to reignite belief in the next generation of athletes and help them chase their hoop dreams. In 1988, Nike inspired a revolution in sport participation. That inspiration came from a series of advertisements tagged with three simple words. Just Do It. Since then, the phrase has become Nike's guiding philosophy for innovative product, memorable athletic experiences and industry-defining services. To mark the 30th anniversary of this call to action, Nike is creating a series of physical spaces and experiences across the country to instill belief and bring inspiration." 

Right now, the pop-up experience is open to the end of August and you can visit to book an open session. As for now, check out pictures and video of our visit at the facility below.