Monday, March 26, 2012

Chrissy and Jim Jones Stops In Chicago To Host Two Separate Parties

We all have heard of power couples like Beyonce and Jay-Z along with Will and Jada Smith, right?

Now, from out of nowhere, it's another couple on the rise and they seem to be drawing attention. It's Dipset rapper Jim Jones and his lovely fiancee Chrissy from the hit reality show "Love & Hip Hop."

This past weekend, the two stopped in Chicago to host two separate parties. The events took place in the City's South Suburb and they were jammed packed from wall to wall.

During the event, we caught up with the couple at Club DeJa Vu. We asked them about their future plans and about the baby rumors surrounding the web; unfortunately, we were unsuccessful. It seemed that they were too busy interacting and taking pictures with all their loyal fans; however, they did reach out to us before leaving the club.

Jim Jones apologized for not being able to sit down and chat so he gave us his personal cell number so that we could talk with him and Chrissy at a more convenient time.

As for now, you can catch the power couple on VH1's reality show "Love and Hip Hop" every week.
Check your local guide for listings.

Photo Credit: @DerrickNtheCity

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