Monday, March 26, 2012

WGCI March With Community To Seek Justice For Trayvon Martin

Still no justice for Trayvon!

For those of you who may not know, Trayvon Martin (a 17 year old high school student) was shot and killed by George Zimmerman (a neighborhood watch captain) in the State of Florida.

According to reports, Zimmerman told the police that the incident was in self-defense and taking him at his word, police made no arrest, nor did they give him a drug or alcohol test which caused Trayvon's family and supporters around the world to break out in outrage.

This past Friday March 23rd, Chicago's own WGCI came out to joined the community and its loyal listeners to show their support for the fallen victim with a non-violent march. This gathering took place at State and Lake Street in the heart of Downtown Chicago in the front of ABC Studios.

Throughout the demonstration, supporters came out with their hoodies and signs saying, "I am Trayvon Martin" while others let their voices be heard by expressing their thoughts with the public.

Right now, still no arrest has been made for the shooter of Trayvon Martin.

Photo Credit: @DerrickNtheCity

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