Saturday, December 1, 2012

WillmaSupaStar Talks About "Slippin Photo" Going Viral

If you're one of those people, who stays on social media sites, I'm sure you may have ran across a photo that shows a young lady getting caught up, while sleeping. It reads, "Lol bae caught me slippin. Love him. Goodnight from us." 

Well, the photo we're talking about has caught the attention of people everywhere and now its being shared and commented on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. On today, we caught up with the young lady to get her side of the story. She goes by the name @WillmaSupaStar on Twitter and here's what she had to say...

Who uploaded the photo to social media?

"Well I uploaded it on my social websites as a JOKE... But apparently some people didn't get it."

What was your first reaction?

"I was kind of shocked... Everyone that I affiliate with knows that I'm always joking. When I uploaded it, I instantly thought it would have been obvious that I was being funny. Now it's kind of annoying because everyone keeps telling me they saw it somewhere and of course you have people that are rude. Lol. Few insults here and there but I've handled it well."

Any last words for your haters?

"Not a thing... To hell with them. I would like to say hey to all my new Instagram and Twitter followers though. Hopefully Beyonce saw the pic. Lol I'm just kidding."

Image via Twitter

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