[Video] Sebastian Mikael Talks Miguel Comparisons, New Music, Possibly Working With Chicago Artists & More

While traveling on tour with Nico and Vinz, R&B singer Sebastian Mikael recently stopped in Chicago for a performance at the House of Blues. During his visit, Chicago's own Bri Smith caught up with the Slip-N-Slide's recording artist to talk one-on-one with him about his music background, new projects, women and more. She also got him to open up about people on social media comparing him to Miguel. 
"I haven't really been hearing too many comparisons, to be honest. Like, if I would hear it, I would take it as a compliment. But I don't really think about it or I don't hear it too much, you know." 
Later, Sebastian spoke on his relationship with Wale and possibly working with artists from Chicago.
"As far as Chicago, I'm a big fan of a lot of Chicago artists. I'm a big fan of King Louie. Um, I'm a fan of Lil Durk. You know, its a bunch of dope artists out here, its a movement you know, so anytime there's a movement, you know I respect it. Spenzo, he's another kid. We actually were under the same management but we linked up like way back when he first came out with his single "Wifer." We linked up and did a bunch of events and stuff like that together, so he's like the lil bro, he's mad cool. I mean, any artists out here that's down to collab, I definitely would like to collab with. Chance The Rapper is actually somebody I can definitely see myself working with, you know in the future."
Meanwhile, Sebastian is currently working on a new project but for now, check out his interview below.

This interview is conducted by Bri Smith (@BallinoiBri) and shot by D. Salter for DerrickNtheCity.


  1. Great Interview. Great questions which led me to get to know the artist professionally and his personal thoughts on life in general.


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